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212 Total Phase Extraction Flowmeter

212 Total Phase Extraction Flowmeter

SKU: 212-014

The 212 Total Phase Extraction Flowmeter allows for simultaneous measuring of vapor and water flow rates within an extraction well fitted with a 212 Total Phase Extraction Control Assembly. The 212 TPE Flowmeter incorporates three (low, mid, and high range) differential pressure gages to measure the vapor extraction rate. The use of three differential pressure gages (ranges to be determined by customer) increases both the flexibility and accuracy in measuring extraction rates, especially when conditions vary from well to well. The in-line water knockout allows for measuring the water recovery rate and additionally serves to protect the differential pressure gages by separating water from soil vapor. Connection to the 212 TPE Flowmeter is made easy using a 1” cam-and-groove plug fitting at the inlet and a 1” cam-and-groove socket fitting at the outlet. 

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